Must Have Brush Set


Must Have Brush Set

Must have Brush set is collection of 7 of our must have brushes for a fabulous and glow look.

The normal babe favourite brush sets contains the following collection, while the must have brush set contains 7 carefully selected brushes from this collection:

  • Deluxe Powder Brush  used for applying  flawless powder
  • Flat foundation Brush– used for applying flawless foundation
  • Pointed Blender (synthetic bristles). Great for carving out your corner crease. PRO TIP: The tapered tip makes it easy to apply concealer to imperfections during a zit-happens moment.This two-fer is totally more than meets the eye.
  • Angled Brow/Spoolie (synthetic bristles) Use with powder to create a bushy, full brow or use with cream-based products for super-defined brows. The spoolie clears up any mistakes.
  • Flat Liner Definer (synthetic bristles). Use with concealer for tracing under brows before highlighting. Boom. Smooth and poppin’.
  • Eye Shadow Brushes: preferred for picking up eyeshadows and powders
  • Deluxe Angle Brush:Cheek it out with this blush brush for precise, controlled application.
  • Pro Flat Buffer Brush:Skip the photo filter when you have this dense, kabuki-style buffing brush.
  • Deluxe Highlight Fan Brush:Fan the flames with this feather-light highlighter brush.
  • Deluxe Highlighter Fan Brush: Do a fan dance with a graceful sweep of highlighter. The feather-light touch of this brush will apply highlight evenly and flawlessly just where you want it.